Multiple device compatibility is an important aspect of a successful website. WordPress is one of the most widely used design platforms for web designers today.

Every site’s SEO is optimized to rank high in Google.


Midland Missionary Church

Church websites should be clean, modern, and user friendly. This site has an outbound link connecting to the main Missionary Regional Website.

Church events and worship times are an important aspect of a church website, and should be readily displayed.


Hair Odyssey

A hair salon site should reflect on the aesthetic and personality of the brand. First impressions are everything.

Clean lines, modern elements, and responsive design give this site a professional quality that customers of all ages will find visually appealing.

This photography website contains several galleries showcasing images that reflect the photographer’s expertise and artistic abilities.

 Business rebranding was needed as the previous site and logo were extremely outdated, and the site had no device compatibility.

By moving it over to WordPress, this business owner won’t have to worry about device compatibility any longer.